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Visioning Workshop

Creating Your Legacy

TIME TO TAKE A LEAP FORWARD. Do you have a business idea or relationship you are wanting to manifest but feel stuck and unable to do so? Have you been trying hard to move on from a pain and keep seeing the same patterns emerging? Are you finding it difficult to concentrate on one thing and find you are scattering your energy? Do you feel you are walking and climbing on broken glass in your life?

Blue Print

A Blue Print is a dream you have that you vision in your mind, body and spirit. Your Soul sings it to you. You intuit it. You feel it. You think it into being. You activate it because you want to and because you can.

New You

Are you ready for a new You? Are you ready to Vision this new You? Are you ready to seed your Dreams? Are you ready to call forth these Dreams and live them

Live Your Life

You are responsible for your life. Stop waiting for someone to give you permission to live your life. Only you have the responsibility to move your life forward. Grab it. What matters is Now – not yesterday, and, not the past, which has gone.

Empowering People

You will find yourself surrounded by empowering people who are seeking what you are seeking e.g. more happiness, more peace and more direction. A gathering of Seekers looking for greatness in their lives.

Visioning Workshop

The Blue Print

Hands Of Light

Sunday, 3 February 2018 from 11:00 to 18:00 (BST)

Limited time offer.

Early Bird Ends 31/01/2018


Toks is known as Queen of Alchemy, gifted since childhood, her insights change lives: Toks’ clients report major shifts in their lifestyle such as “meeting and marrying the woman of my dreams”, getting a “£200,000 contract” and “buying land for farming” when they thought all was lost.

Her experience has developed over 30 years working with numerous modalities that bring spiritual growth, inner strength, peace, and harmony to all the areas of one’s life. Through working with The Queen of Alchemy, you have the opportunity to Come Back Home to Yourself, returning from your busy stressful life, finding clarity and a new found love for yourself. Reinventing yourself involves creating an Alchemical Transformative Resurrection of Your True Self that activates your highest potential and infinite possibilities.

Her spiritual journey has seen her on Radio, TV, in magazines such as Vogue and Kindred Spirit, making spiritual retreats to Egypt, Mexico and Thailand, as well as, speaking and performing at exhibitions. She was named one of the UK’s Leading Evolutionaries in 2016.

As an Author she has written a historical picture book on The Spirit of Study and Joy of Membership exclusively for the Buddhist organisation, SGI UK, dedicated to President Ikeda and his wife, Kaneko. She has written Symbols of Light, and an eBook on Chakras: 7 Days 7 Chakras.

Toks is a Catalyst and a Free Spirit who awakens the Soul’s Wisdom with her Spirit Guide, Hands of Light. She helps people shift consciousness and raise their vibration; inspiring people with her Energetic Code Transmissions, Voice Activation and Light Language. Her work is for the Soul of Humanity.

She works with Sacred Crystal Grids, Crystal Singing Bowls, Channelled Invocation Blessings and Meditation to balance your Chakras, Mind, Body and Spirit. She incorporates her vast knowledge and years of expertise, sharing her Timeless Wisdom, while living her passion: which is to serve humanity. 

Practical Benefits

  1. Your body will feel more relaxed, centred and calm.
  2. You will stand taller with more confidence as you talk with more clarity and purpose.
  3. You will create for yourself a Vision Board of your own making that defines who you truly are.
  4. You will write your 2018 goals with your new Blue Print.
  5. You will feel secure in yourself, as you take practical actions to manifest your dream.
  6. You will identify practical ways of achieving your goals based on your truth and not someone else’s limiting truth of you.
  7. You may find an overall improvement in your health e.g. you may sleep better.
  8. You will begin to look forward to a wholesome life – you can touch and have what you want.


Emotional Benefits

  1. You will learn to love and appreciate yourself and your life.
  2. You will be more at ease with yourself, as you allow more kindness, compassion and happiness into your life.
  3. It will be easier for you to lift your spirits when you are down.
  4. Your heart will open.
  5. You feel life has a purpose and you are protected and deserve happiness.
  6. You feel deep emotional peace and safety in your newness and inner knowing.
  7. You will have healed an emotional pattern from the past as you transform poison to medicine.
  8. You will have a better understanding of your emotional self.

Mental Benefits

  1. There will be more clarity in your mind than ever before.
  2. You will have made some very clear decisions as you clear your mental baggage and clutter.
  3. You will have an idea of where you were and where you want to go to.
  4. You will re-define your true goals, vision, dream, Blue Print for 2018.
  5. Your mental self-talk will be empowering and rewarding to you.
  6. Mental worry, anxiety and stress will be reduced or removed completely.
  7. You will recall mental images with ease and improve your memory.
  8. You will experience creative thinking.

Workshop Pricing

Early Bird

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Before 1st February 2018


On-Line Price

If you buy your ticket
After 31st January 2018


At the Door

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Don’t miss this rare opportunity to spend time to empower, energise and motivate yourself for the year ahead