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"Toks is a beautiful being, both inside and out. I have been waiting for her to enter my life with her warmth, knowledge, compassion and healing. My reading was not entirely what I expected but has left me feeling clearer and more empowered. Incredible how accurate it was. Thank you Toks for sharing your gift and for being my friend."
"Had my reading with Toks yesterday and it could not have come at a better time or with a clearer message. The last few months have been really intense for me, lots of healing, lots of lessons and realisations and found myself overwhelmed and unsure how to take all this into my life. Toks has helped me make sense, find peace and more importantly, helped me find my confidence to myself and my innner wisdom. She is a truly amazing Guide with a lot of love and a very grounded presence that helps individuals find their own Truth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx"

Starlight Tarot Reading
“The reading was reassuring gave me guidance & insight into my current situation. Supportive and helpful.”


Starlight Tarot Reading
“Toks was quite accurate – lots of insightful comments and emotional accuracy. Thank you!”

Starlight Tarot Reading
“Reading couldn’t have been more well-laid out – spoke my story to a ‘T’. and has helped tremendously!”


Starlight Tarot Reading
“Great session, reassuring, enlightening, guiding and empowering. Relaxed and no time wasting. Have a lot to think about and homework to do.”


Starlight Tarot Reading
“Toks was amazing at my reading today. I had some specific issues she was able to clarify for me and she gave me some very direct answers to my questions, which will now totally influence some decisions I have to take. Her wisdom and the certainty she inspires is breath taking.”


Starlight Tarot Reading, Spiritual Coaching Mentoring
“I like it because when I am talking, I can find things about myself. I understand myself better. I found out that I am good at many things. I found out that I should appreciate things in my life. I found I am intelligent and now I am believing in that. I found out that I am not cursed. The reading I found very good. It is exactly what is happening in my life. I hope it will help me to make the decision. For the better life.”


Starlight Tarot Reading
“I feel completely overwhelmed, yet relieved. My spirit feels liberated, enlightened and reassured by my own being.”


Starlight Tarot Reading
“It was very good and very thorough. I felt relaxed and the reading was not hurried – important!”


Starlight Tarot Reading
“Toks, I enjoyed that very much. Thank you.”

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