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Beverly is truly a beautiful soul , she really has been such a support to me in my life and when I go for a session it will be to ask a question while in a place of transit, conflict or just wanting to know the next step to being myself forward. She is always so accepting and I leave with an insight which I treasure and reflect on months later. Thank you
Business Woman
"I have been working with Toks for 3 years. She is my Spiritual Life Coach, Business Coach, Relationship Coach, healer and my life teacher in many ways. By working with Toks, I transformed my life in such a way that now I am proud of who I have become and am becoming. The main thing she has taught me with her work, is to explore my individual power and the potential in me so that I wisely create the life that I desire. I am now amazed to see that I am living the life that I have been dreaming of for years. I am much stronger and peaceful within myself and with my decisions. With working with Toks, I have been exploring my life missions and building business plans based on them. I am a happy business woman who stands strongly on her feet. My life is a success and becoming even more success. Working with Toks helped me to learn how to have healthy relationships with the men around me. Now I have wholesome and quality relationships with the men at work, in family and in social life. Working with Toks taught me to communicate with confidence, in an understanding and compassionate way.

Toks has been guiding me throughout the way to find my inner power and trust in myself in many ways. Every year was a different experience with working with Toks, because as my life transformed, she guided me with different areas in my life.

Actually, her work is priceless for me; she is a true 'person'. She is a teacher who is interested with my own individual progress, not how much money she can make from working with me. I love talking to her and working with her. I love her pure heart, energy and strength. She is someone who listens to me without any judgement and understands me fully. She makes learning and working so much fun and exciting that I reflect this to my daily life, especially my working life, so everything I do in life becomes a joy to live. I am dreaming on building so much more in my life, and with her work, I experience and know that this is possible. She is a treasure and my best friend. I am so grateful and happy to have her in my life."

Relationship Healing / Creating Alchemical Relationships
"Toks has a wonderful energy and her expertise is abundantly apparent. I felt very relaxed and at ease, letting the positivity and healing channel through me. I am new to spiritual healing and guidance, but can attest to the progress and awareness that was awoken within me.”

One session with Toks was more healing and much more fun than months and months of traditional therapy. The healing vibe was felt immediately upon contact - days before the actual session. I adore her powerful spirit, honesty, and openness to hearing and healing the deepest part of ourselves.
Sarah Dawson Author And Yoga Teacher
"From the moment we began speaking, I felt that Toks knew exactly where I was coming from. Her wisdom is invaluable, and the exercises she recommended, were exactly what I needed. I've had many coaching sessions in the past, but this is by far the best 30 minutes of total insight and inspiration that I can ever remember having. Toks and her guides will tune in and tell you what you need to know. Her sessions are life changing, empowering and unmissable. Don't miss out :)"
Yanni Konstantinopulos
"The simplest and easiest way that I often describe Toks is that she is like The Oracle from the film 'The Matrix', except that I think Toks is better! In fact, I would perhaps liken her Quality, Depth of Presence and Expertise to say, that of a Grand Master within the Martial Arts. A session with Toks is a Blessing that you cannot afford to miss out on. Her Wisdom is Precise, her Compassion, True."

Spiritual Mentoring Marriage Guidance and Career
“I found the session therapeutic and it was relieving to be in an environment were I felt I could speak of my fears honestly and the sense that my energy was being received and worked with / healed. I’m excited to see what the next days hold. I feel that Toks is direct which is a relief. I feel like I’ve had a spiritual workout and can now rest, anxieties shed. I had spiritual re-attunement/refreshment/realignment.”

"The exercise was light in the concept of it, but went very deep into the roots of some issues that have been bothering me. Toks is very easy with everything she does, and trustful, which made it much easier for me to enter into the concentration of this type.”

Crystal Healing / Spiritual Coaching Mentoring
“My session was calm, positive, safe and optimistic, a real eye opener. Highly recommended.”

"I have been coming to Toks for over 2 years now. She has been amazing in steering me through some difficult times. She has given me clear direction and warnings and has predicted accurately future events / resolutions. She has supported and inspired me. She has cared and encouraged me and most importantly, has helped me survive through a traumatic period in my life."
Raj Mann

Spiritual Coaching Mentoring / The Ritual of the Mind
“I feel I have been released from negative beliefs and blocks from my past. I feel more free from the pain & hurt I had been holding on to.”

"Beverly’s work grows after the session, and I talk about it months and years later... the truth of it unfolds and the strength she imparts enters into my life, as the actions she asks us to do transforms us, transforms the way we walk our path in this world. It is through the actions that the healing continues to percolate through our lives. Her warrior spirit sees with precision and is incisive and I have always been grateful for her guidance.”

Crystal Healing/ Spiritual Counselling
“Brilliant. Feel lighter in a good way.”

"Dear Toks, I felt that negative energy had been moved from within me. I felt that my emotions were released and I could let go of the feelings that I had been holding / were unreleased. I felt that a weight had been lifted from my head, enabling me to regain my power. Now ready to take positive action forward for 2013 and onwards. Thank you so much Toks.”
Lucy Palmer

"Toks sees more than most will ever know. She has seen into my mind and she has seen into my heart and empowered me to heal and live in power.”

Lisette Keats

Spiritual Breakthrough Day / Spiritual Mentoring
“Toks has always been there to help guide me through the different challenges of life. She has been true and completely clean and ethical in her work and a great inspiration in the way she walks her path. All that she has told me has been true, and all the guidance has been of the utmost help. One day she dropped by to give me a flyer and I happened to be home after having heard bad news regarding my daughter's operation. Toks gave me invaluable guidance which I acted upon immediately and it made all the difference in the outcome of the operation. I know now with Toks work, nothing is a coincidence.”

Julius McNeil

"The insight of an Angel, The wisdom of the Ancients, The compassion of a Theresa, A sweet Treasure with no measure. She renders me speechless.”

Gary Reich

"She stands in her own light, beating her own drum, operating entirely from the heart and I know of no teacher more authentic; no friend more genuine; no truth-teller more worth their salt and no serious-minded shaman with more laughter in their soul."

Company Director

Spiritual Counselling / Mentoring
"Toks' work is invaluable. Toks has helped me cleanse, heal and clarify my life purpose and has allowed me to bring both true love and abundance into my life. She has also helped me understand and complete past relationships and value and enjoy present ones. I have no doubt that the great life I am living now, including meeting and marrying my true love, has been created as a result of the work I have done with her help. I cannot recommend enough the depth, sincerity, wisdom, purity and integrity of Toks' work. She is the healer of the highest order.”

"Toks is a beautiful being, both inside and out. I have been waiting for her to enter my life with her warmth, knowledge, compassion and healing. My reading was not entirely what I expected but has left me feeling clearer and more empowered. Incredible how accurate it was. Thank you Toks for sharing your gift and for being my friend."
"Had my reading with Toks yesterday and it could not have come at a better time or with a clearer message. The last few months have been really intense for me, lots of healing, lots of lessons and realisations and found myself overwhelmed and unsure how to take all this into my life. Toks has helped me make sense, find peace and more importantly, helped me find my confidence to myself and my innner wisdom. She is a truly amazing Guide with a lot of love and a very grounded presence that helps individuals find their own Truth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx"

Starlight Tarot Reading
“The reading was reassuring gave me guidance & insight into my current situation. Supportive and helpful.”


Starlight Tarot Reading
“Toks was quite accurate – lots of insightful comments and emotional accuracy. Thank you!”

Starlight Tarot Reading
“Reading couldn’t have been more well-laid out – spoke my story to a ‘T’. and has helped tremendously!”


Starlight Tarot Reading
“Great session, reassuring, enlightening, guiding and empowering. Relaxed and no time wasting. Have a lot to think about and homework to do.”


Starlight Tarot Reading
“Toks was amazing at my reading today. I had some specific issues she was able to clarify for me and she gave me some very direct answers to my questions, which will now totally influence some decisions I have to take. Her wisdom and the certainty she inspires is breath taking.”


Starlight Tarot Reading, Spiritual Coaching Mentoring
“I like it because when I am talking, I can find things about myself. I understand myself better. I found out that I am good at many things. I found out that I should appreciate things in my life. I found I am intelligent and now I am believing in that. I found out that I am not cursed. The reading I found very good. It is exactly what is happening in my life. I hope it will help me to make the decision. For the better life.”


Starlight Tarot Reading
“I feel completely overwhelmed, yet relieved. My spirit feels liberated, enlightened and reassured by my own being.”


Starlight Tarot Reading
“It was very good and very thorough. I felt relaxed and the reading was not hurried – important!”


Starlight Tarot Reading
“Toks, I enjoyed that very much. Thank you.”

Lap Dancer

Starlight Tarot Reading
“Relieved, relaxed, stable, calm, quiet, fortunate, hopeful, activated to take action.”


Starlight Tarot Reading
“Really helpful (emotional) reading! Thanks!”

Clinic Co-Ordinator

Starlight Tarot Reading
“Empowering, brining lots of hope for the future as well as self respect. I feel happy. My deepest worries came out and I just feel a sense of big relief. Thank you.”

Tameka Empson, Actress, Comedienne "Three non-blondes"

Starlight Tarot Reading
“The session was excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel positive and calm and blessed. I have a lot of homework to do, starting with my thoughts. Thank you so much.”

Natalie Tarrant

Starlight Tarot Reading
"Exact and precise and positive."

Wedian Saleh

Starlight Tarot Reading
"I found this reading very helpful and it has opened my eyes to a lot of things. I am glad I came."

Dinye Akgul

Starlight Tarot Reading
"Everything you said in my reading is VERY true - you don't know me. Thank you very much and I hope to see you again soon".

“Feel I have achieved clarity and direction in my life. Thank you so much for all your help and extra time and patience. Much love.”


Starlight Tarot Reading
“I feel empowered! I got the answers that I needed, which is what I came here for. Thank you.”

Medical Writer

Starlight Tarot Reading
“The reading was incredibly accurate with everything that is going on in my life. All my questions were answered and I feel that I can move forward with certainty of where I want to go next. Thank you Toks – I loved it!”

Jordan, Entrepreneur

Starlight Tarot Reading
“Clear and helpful. Some shocking details about my past and future. Definitely a great experience. You helped me understand many things happening in my life. Thank you for the advice.”

Housing Officer

Starlight Tarot Reading
“I am so happy I came here today. This has been a wonderful experience and has opened up a light in my insight as to where I am heading in life. Thank you with all my heart for this starlight tarot reading. Love and Blessings.”

Natureworks - General Manager

Starlight Tarot Reading
“The session with Toks was spot on! I will definitely recommend her. Thank you Toks! You are amazing.”


Starlight Tarot Reading
“I felt the reading was healing, insightful and positive. Toks is loving and full of light and encouragement.”

Claudette Dawkins, Legal Secretary

Starlight Tarot Reading
"A very fluent and uplifting reading with explicit details. An excellent reading. Lots of clarity. All questions answered and confidence given. Cards very powerful. Fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was what I needed."

"Lovely lady! Thank you Toks for your time, your listening and the enlightenment."

Animal Healing
“Could I ask you to send some healing to my new foal - in particular his legs? He has grown very fast and his tendons have not caught up - so he is unable to fully straighten his legs at this point in time. It is quite a common thing with foals, and nothing serious - but I know how powerful your healing is. I have attached a picture of him - I have named him Flynn - with his show name being Fierro (meaning fire) - and you were exactly right - he is extremely swift!! I can’t tell you how much the new moon meditations have been helping me focus (as I'm normally so 'everywhere' with my thoughts), and the powerful energies which have helped me manifest such good things in my life. Thank you, thank you! ”

Geraldine Sullivan, Astrologer Writer

“You are a great master healer.”

Vesna Stanojevic, Actress

Animal Healing
“Toks sensed my dog over the phone. She asked me to let the dog listen to her voice and she will talk to him. A couple of minutes later, she told me what was wrong with his heart. It was critical. I went back to my vet demanding that this time we do a proper heart scan. The scan showed what she said on the phone. I could not believe my ears but stayed eternally grateful, as thanks to her gift, I got the right therapy for my dog Kolya, and prolonged his life.”

Rita Westlake

Distant Healing
“I just know that you are such a caring person and have such a brilliant connection that you can only enhance one's day-by-day living with your wise words and wisdom. Thanks for all the help over the years.”


Distant Healing
“Thank you for your healing, love and kind words. May God bless you. I felt the healing energies enter my body though my forehead all the way to my feet three times – each time lasting 3 minutes. Then I fell into a deep sleep. When I got up to pick up my daughter from the nursery, I felt my energy was restoring back into my body. The next morning I skipped for half an hour and then I danced eastern dance for an hour and felt very much healthier than I had felt in over two months.”


Crystal Healing
“This woman is pure magic. She is gracious, she is kind, she is generous. She helped me through many difficult and tight moments in my life in the appropriate way. She used whatever technique was required for each issue. She has a knowing and I want to thank her many times over.”

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Levy, Rosy Khalastchy (Property Consultant)

Spiritual Counselling Healing
“Thank you would not be enough to express how grateful I am for all your help and support. The past couple of months have been devastating for me and knowing you were there giving us all comfort, is very special to me. You know that you will always be part of our family.”

Simon Dodd

Blue Full Moon in Pisces
“I came for the Blue Full Moon and found the workshop very enlightening. I definitely connected with my higher self and was able to feel a great shift in my vibrations. Thank you Toks.”

Collin Clay Chace

Full Moon in Taurus with Sun in Scorpio
“The experience was light and grounding all at once – a sense of worlds shifting / planes shifting in and out as primordial consciousness. The group dynamics were refreshing though verbal and eye contact was scarce – very interesting. So glad I came.”

Emily Burfoot

Full Moon in Taurus with Sun in Scorpio
“The meditation this evening was very powerful; I met some fabulous and light filled people. Thank you Toks for holding such a supportive space.”

Gary Reich

New Moon link in with Brazil
"Dearest Toks, I am in Brazil at the moment and we had planned to do our final session with the sacred plant on the 29th: so once more it is turning out to be a profoundly auspicious event. I shall lead the 14 participants (11 of whom are British) in a New Moon meditation at 5pm over here (which is 8pm your time) so I'm sure once more you and your group will be holding a portal open your side for some powerful new healing energies to become anchored.... As Always, Love and Light - Your Son, Gary xxxx "


“I love coming to the monthly New/ Full Moon Meditations. Listening to Toks channeling the messages, receiving the energies and being held and encouraged to release the old while we welcome the new. Toks is a true master of the Spoken Word. Her words flow naturally, shining with the love and acceptance that she carries within and at the same time with the heart-warming honesty that delivers a clear message of what needs to be said. As Word carries its own energy, she is teaching us (through advising us as well as being a role model herself) of how we can shift our paradigm through the conscious use and appreciation of language.”

Lucia Castano

“The two Moon Meditations I attended made me feel rejuvenated and nourished. I sensed Toks’ power to connect with “spirit” and teach us to connect with it too. She spread her love, light and wisdom and I am forever thankful."

Paul Higgs

New Moon in Libra
“This was my first time at a meditation of this type and I like it a lot. The meditation itself was great and the cards I picked were very, very meaningful – in fact, I can’t think of anything more perfect. I feel I was really meant to be here.”

Kalisha McCaulsky

New Moon in Libra
“My first ever meditation session. Very relevant. Amazing revelations. Glad I could be here. I studied journalism and when you brought in the energy of Thoth I felt a strong yearning to want Thoth’s guidance in my writing. I then received a purpose card which said “Author - You have a book inside you that wishes to be expressed”. How amazing. I learnt about acceptance and found the session a blessing.”

Jelena Radonjic

New Moon in Libra
“I very much enjoyed the New Moon Meditation. It was very deep and peaceful and I especially liked the cards – very truthful and meaningful. I liked the various crystals and how I linked each group with special healing for different parts of my life. Thank you.”

Yanni Konstantinopulos

New Moon in Libra
“Thank you for the blessing of being you, a guiding light of love and a shining beacon for one and all. Thank you. I see You.”


New Moon in Aries
“This workshop was extremely powerful. I am actually finding it hard to describe it as it was an experience I’ve never had before. I am new to the whole spirituality world. I never used to believe it existed. My intuition was just my mind to me. I was a very rational person and spiritual stuff all seemed a bit ‘airy fairy’. This workshop totally changed my view and my life. When you see or hear truth, you cannot deny it. This was the experience I had with Toks. I couldn’t deny what I was experiencing. I felt the energy in my body move, so much so, I broke down into tears because the revaluation was so intense. I left the meditation workshop feeling so empowered as a person and understand the potential I have in me to be great, powerful and a beacon of light to others. Peace, Love, Power.”

Gary Reich

Full Moon in Taurus with Sun in Scorpio
“An exquisite, perfectly formed two hour experience from the second I entered the front door: from the moment I smelt the wave of divine essence floating down the stairs; to the spiral dancing!”

Yanni Konstantinopulos

Blue Full Moon in Pisces
“As always, your meditational workshops are fabulous. This time I really have claimed my power: it is back in my body and at my command and mine only. I used to dim my power so as not to scare people on one level and on another level to go down to their level so as to help them due to my kindness. I now realise I have one task and one alone, to SHINE my light to become the truth of my I AM presence. Ho and so it is.”


New Moon in Taurus
“Hi Toks, thanks very much for your emails that you sent out. I have attached a photomontage as you suggested in your email. It was a very useful exercise. I feel the homework was very useful, especially in light of the recent spring equinox in March. I was eager to plant my seeds and let them grow to fruition in the year. However, with the New Moon Taurean energy, I want my ideas to be grounded and realistic. This was a perfect opportunity to reassess my objectives and find out what gives me pleasure in terms of my career and how to achieve them. By completing the photomontage with a specific timeframe (new to waxing), it not only helped me to get serious about my goals but it also helped to realise the significance of using cosmic energies to manifest things in your life…”As above So below”. Many thanks.”

Becky York

New Moon in Libra
“Such a joyous meditation. Thank you for creating a space for precise, exact, detailed and personalised readings of light.”


New Moon in Libra
“Very powerful meditation. Really liked the work with the crystals. This was about rebalancing misunderstanding for me.”

Anne-Mette Hedensted

Full Moon in Egypt
“You are very special to me....I feel very blessed that you were there on this trip to protect us all.....An inner strength that I didn't know was there is growing and growing inside me thanks to your nourishing love. I learned to be more assertive and to separate truth from illusions from you. I'm no longer afraid - I know my own light and strength - thank you again for that!!! I learned to trust myself much more and to claim my power and light...I remember our Full Moon Meditation in Egypt which was a truly beautiful and unforgettable experience and the healing you did to me on the plane going home....!!! You have magical hands... ;-) Thank you!"

Georgina Stupar

Full Moon in Virgo and Sun in Pisces
“The meditation was peaceful and beautiful. I felt my body being uplifted, as if I was being transported to a higher place. I feel clear, strong and powerful and excited about my vision. The repetition of the words used in the meditation, were very powerful. Thank you and bless you.”

Jelena Radonjic

Full Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra
"Dear Toks, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It was an amazing experience with some very valuable realisations to take home."

Sharon Gordon

Full Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra
"Thank you. It is such an honour to finally be here in your circle – I felt welcomed from the very moment I walked through the door. It’s been an amazing, uplifting, nurturing and loving experience. Thank you from my heart to yours. Much Love."


Full Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra
"It has been an amazing event to celebrate this Full Moon with Toks and no coincidences the Moon in Aries. If before the event I was not so sure what the completion in my life was, after the event, I was sure and it was so nice to celebrate it with nice people. I am happy I came!!!!"

Becky York

Full Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra
"Thank you Blessed Toks for the sacred space that you create to allow people to expand into the fullness of themselves."

Anne Marie Gravil

Full Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra
“Thank you for my first experience of being a Legion of Light Anne Marie and celebrating the energy of the Full Moon. I feel energetically re-charged and interested in learning more about the power of the Moon.”

Junya Yoshino

New Moon in Egypt
"Dear Divine Sister Toks, it was truly my honour to have met you and worked with you in Egypt. It was a real blessing from God to have known you....You guided some of us in the New Moon Meditation with your unconditional love; which proved you have deep knowledge and a gift to shift consciousness of others in a unique and beautiful way. You taught me how to put protection from unnecessary attacks too; which was very helpful. You are one of the persons I can trust completely because of your honesty. I can feel when you are teaching or talking to me that your words come from your heart and there are no lies in your eyes. Sincerity and Love."

Yanni Konstantinopulos

Full Moon in Libra, Sun in Aries
After 6 years of Amazing Moon Meditation Workshops with Toks, I have to say that this one was something else entirely. It was one of the most powerful spiritual experiences that I have ever had in my life. When I say spiritual experience, I mean something that I was central to i.e. it came through me and was me. This Meditation Workshop was Primordial. We went back to the Beginning and then we went Beyond the Beginning. I Consciously experienced my Higher Self, my True Self. I felt like the Universe, the Timeless void from whence we all came. The Depth of Being, the Vastness, it was Magical. It wasn’t just an airy-fairy, pie-in-the-sky experience mind you. We also did five exercises, exercises that involved us drawing symbols that we visioned whilst in the meditation and more. This enabled us to not only Ground our journey, it also meant that we can re-visit the Magnificence of this workshop i.e. our Primordial/Higher Self through the exercises that we took home with us. Pure Genius. After the workshop, I was in a state of Love and Joy. I felt Total Love and Acceptance for myself and everyone and everything in the whole world and I was absolutely Joyous because of it. As Esther Hicks and Abraham would put it, I was in my vortex.

To put this experience into context, since my early days at secondary school, I have struggled with a deep seated depression. This came hand in hand with a volatile, rage filled hatred. A hatred that I pointed squarely at my family though more than predominantly, at my father. Suicidal tendencies (and attempts) also developed. In short, I have, for at least half my lifetime, intensely hated everything about myself and my life. So for me to come to a place of love and acceptance of myself is beyond a miracle. I am not through it yet though I have definitely been through the worst of it. My Deepest Reverence to you Toks. You are the Truest of Lights."

Fiona Muzee

Blue Full Moon in Pisces
"I came with an open mind about this evening and really enjoyed it. You made me feel very welcome in your home and I felt connected to you by what I learnt about being from Lemuria. I enjoyed sharing the meal and hope to be part of more workshops in the future. Thank you."

Sara Ellis

Full Moon in Leo with Sun in Aquarius
“What a wonderful way to spend an evening. Thank you so much Toks, for your patience, kindness and wisdom. I have felt so welcome and valued this evening and I’m so glad that I came and let myself have this wonderful experience. The meditation was powerful and one of the most thorough and deep processes I have ever done. I feel a lovely sense of being connected and loved. In Gratitude.”

Dolly Kaur

Full Moon in Leo with Sun in Aquarius
“I went to a spiritual workshop on the day of the Full Moon. It was a fantastic experience and I had a lot of fun. It was a totally new experience and I participated in dressing up, dancing and having fun, with plenty of laughter. We also exchanged information and participated in meditation. It was a totally new experience and I intend to do it again soon. Thank you Toks. In appreciation.”

Becky York

Full Moon in Taurus with Sun in Scorpio
“Thank you Toks for another wonderful meditation healing workshop.”

Sharon Gordon

Full Moon in Taurus with Sun in Scorpio
“Thank you Toks. Words cannot express how amazing tonight’s meditation was. The energies were dancing through me tonight. Amazing. Love you.”

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