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Toks Coker uses her innate spiritual essence to perform a variety of powerful and effective readings. Her readings include: Starlight Tarot Reading, Soul Readings, Past Life Readings. Her readings may include life lessons, communication with ancestors, past / present / future lives and healing; which form a foundation for guidance, release, laughter, tears, joy and hope.

To enquire about Toks' availability and to book Toks, please click on this button  Booking details and complete this form, entering the period for the booking and enter your information

Reading Testimonials

"Toks is a beautiful being, both inside and out. I have been waiting for her to enter my life with her warmth, knowledge, compassion and healing. My reading was not entirely what I expected but has left me feeling clearer and more empowered. Incredible how accurate it was. Thank you Toks for sharing your gift and for being my friend."
"Had my reading with Toks yesterday and it could not have come at a better time or with a clearer message. The last few months have been really intense for me, lots of healing, lots of lessons and realisations and found myself overwhelmed and unsure how to take all this into my life. Toks has helped me make sense, find peace and more importantly, helped me find my confidence to myself and my innner wisdom. She is a truly amazing Guide with a lot of love and a very grounded presence that helps individuals find their own Truth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx"

Starlight Tarot Reading
“The reading was reassuring gave me guidance & insight into my current situation. Supportive and helpful.”

FAQ Reading

What is Starlight Tarot Reading?

Starlight Tarot Reading is a personal intuitive reading using crystals and cards with very powerful Starlight healing. Toks has found that it encourages deep self-knowledge and may involve soul reading, ancestral reading and past life reading. Starlight Tarot Reading answers all kinds of questions in a healing sacred space. As you hear your answers Toks calls in healing, protection and blessings for you.

When should I have a Starlight Tarot Reading?

Before booking a reading with Toks Coker, please ask yourself the following questions to help you decide if you are ready for a Starlight Tarot Reading:

 1. Am I going through a difficult time at the moment?

 2. Do I have lots of questions?

 3. Am I looking for a solution to a particular problem?

 4. Do I need to understand the nature of my karma, past, present and future?

 5. Am I searching for clarity and peace of mind?

 6. Am I troubled?

 7. Do I feel restless?

 8. Am I constantly worrying about the same situation over and over again?

 9. Do I find myself in the same situation all the time?

10. Do I have unresolved issues?

11. Am I holding on?

12. Should I let go?

13. Am I ready for the truth?

14. Am I constantly worrying about the same situation over and over again?

15. Am I seeking answers to confusing situations, conflicting issues and/or contrasting emotions?

What are the benefits of Your Starlight Tarot Reading?

The suggested benefits of Starlight Tarot reading are:-

 1. Answers your questions (which may be simple, difficult or complicated).

 2. Clarifies your mind, body and spirit.

 3. Creates better understanding.

 4. Reveals the truth of a situation.

 5. Gives you a course of action - inner strength to take the next step.

 6. Helps you to know what to accept Helps you to know what to let go of (only if you want to and are ready to).

 7. Helps you to look at a situation from a different perspective.

 8. Confirms something you already know or something totally new.

 9. Gives you inner peace of mind and personal understanding.

end faq

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