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With today’s hectic life style, how many roles does a person play and carry out to achieve all the activities of the day? For instance, an average woman could role play being a mother, daughter, wife, sister, manager, employee, employer, teacher, seductress, shopper, cook, and cleaner. The average man could role plat at being a provider, lover, employee, employer, bread-winner, hero and so much more.

How many roles do you play on a daily basis? Have you ever thought about it?

Toks Coker is qualified to offer professional guidance / mentoring in various healing arts to cope with these “roles”. She offers in depth Alchemy Coaching services in the following areas, to name but a few.

Healing packages include:

 Spiritual Relationships
 Love Life
 Coping with Death, Grief and Loss
 Spiritual Healing
 Physical and Mental Health
 Business and Career

The emphasis of Toks’ Coaching is to take you on a journey back to your True Self. The choice and commitment to experience your True Self will be a wonderful unforgettable experience.

To help you reach your True Self in her coaching sessions, Toks works through the powerful tools of Alchemy Coaching and understanding the power of Spiritual Relationships.

To enquire about Toks' availability and to book Toks, please click on this button  Booking details and complete this form, entering the period for the booking, subject area and specific topic and duration.

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