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Coaching Services

This is a Personal and Professional Development “Assessment Meeting” used to unpack client needs and identify which of the more in-depth development packages best suits the client.
Toks uses this appointment to reveal the impediments resulting in the loss of energy focus, drive and purpose leading one to stagnation. Toks delivers this as an intense and powerful one-hour session ideal for individuals who require a nudge in the right direction towards their ultimate objective.

The package includes:

 An extremely results oriented face to face minimum, one-hour meeting
 A written summary; within 3 days of the session (for the client), which will highlight what the client has agreed is their required action to achieve what they want; and the suggested next steps. The suggested next steps could include a further appointment with Toks, a referral to a more appropriate service or an action plan. This will be emailed to the client.

 Coaching Services
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